Master Canine First Aid

With Libbie Fort, DVM and the Wanderdog First Aid Membership Site


What can you expect to GAIN by joining this membership?

 (Aside from mastering canine first aid)

  • You gain critical knowledge with full SUPPORT from myself, a small animal veterinarian, and the community. Which increases retention, preparedness, and familiarity with concepts that could save your dog's life.
  • When you work towards mastering any skill or subject matter you also gain the confidence that comes with it
  • This confidence spills over to many other aspects of your life... think your ability to make quick and correct decisions, knowing your dog INSIDE and OUT, your leadership in stressful situations, the knowing that YOU GOT THIS.


The membership includes:


  • Detailed canine first aid education delivered to you weekly.
  • Each MONTH we showcase different K9 first aid topics. (For example... January/February: emergency procedures, December: fracture management , November: wound and laceration management, etc etc)
  • Each WEEK you receive new and noteworthy content that relates to the monthly topic. (for example during Jan/Feb emergency procedures we cover CPR, choke, shock, triage, head trauma, chest wounds, GDV etc)
  • The content delivered will vary in format each week to compliment different learning styles- and includes articles, downloadable quick references, step by step guides, videos, presentations, audio, and live Q&A's

PLUS! Access to our private, student's only facebook group.


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