LIVE TRAINING for ADVENTURE DOG moms & dads. With Libbie Fort, DVM of Wanderdog First Aid.

January 29th, 2020 7PM CST

Can't make it live? No sweat! All registrants get FULL ACCESS to the replay!! Enroll for just $37 now and learn life saving skills for your adventure dog.


If your dog was choking, not breathing, or unresponsive... would you know what to do? If you are uncertain... that's OK! I am here to help. By the end of the training you will be saying "YES, I know what to do!" with certainty.


The thought of an emergency situation threatening our own dog's safety fills us with fear, panic, and anxiety. Education is the antidote to worry. In this training we focus on what we can control, and choose proactivity over reactivity.


You feel it is your duty to do everything in your power to protect your dog. You may wonder how to perform K9 CPR, CAN you do it?, and will it work? I answer these questions with an easy to remember roadmap to K9 CPR success.

Included when you enroll:

  • A reserved seat in our LIVE 1.5 hour online training on canine CPR approach and technique
  • Access to STUDENT'S ONLY Facebook group
  • Canine CPR workbook provided for retention, review, and quick reference
  • Access to the workshop replay! For those who cannot make it live AND REVIEW!
  • LIVE Q&A at the end of the workshop


Enroll for just $37 now and learn life saving skills for your adventure dog.

Got questions?? I got answers.

No sweat, I got ya covered. You can enter the live workshop late, or access the replay at your leisure. The replay will be hosted on a password protected site. 

If you cannot make it live and have a specific question that is not covered in the live Q&A feel free to ask in the private facebook group. You can also reach out to me directly and I will answer personally. 


Veterinary professionals are able to get CPR certified online. 

Knowing how to perform effective CPR can be learned from the comfort of your home. This is because the foundational knowledge is paramount in learning and implementing canine CPR.

Your technique and compression to breath ratios can be practiced anywhere and anytime.

The training will be recorded live and last approximately 1-1.5 hours. I will have a 30 minute live Q&A at the end. 

After you enroll you will be sent an email with specific instructions. I will also send you email reminders with the link to the workshop the day before and the morning of.

I will be utilizing the student's only Facebook group to host the live workshop. This group will open up the day before the workshop.

There will be a link in the Facebook group to download the workbook. I strongly recommend you download and have this printed out prior to the workshop!

If you do not have Facebook, the replay and content associated with the workshop will also be hosted in a password protected member's area. You will receive an email with your login info after registering.

A note from Dr. Libbie

I believe your brain is your most valuable resource, that you have the ability to be your dog's hero, and that education is the antidote to the worries, anxieties, and fears that surround our dog's well being.

From my clients in the vet clinic to my students in my canine wilderness first aid membership site... I kept getting the same questions regarding canine CPR.
My number one goal as I guide you through this material is your retention of the techniques. Because to be frank, in these particular situations, seconds and minutes matter most, and there is no time for a "refresher course."
How do I help you retain this critical information? First and foremost, we will have fun. Second, we will break things down into digestible bite sized chunks. Next, active engagement via the provided workbook is encouraged. And finally, I will deliver an easy to remember road map to canine CPR success. 
I cannot wait to connect with you and meet you all on the inside!!!
Libbie Fort, DVM
Wanderdog First Aid

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